Diet suggestions for Figure skaters

Diet suggestions for Figure skaters

Figure skaters always have a tight schedule with many physical exercises. The strenuous activities require them to have a healthy balanced diet to excel. It is essential to provide them with the right nutrition and develop good eating habits along with their regular skating routines. Although they train on the ice, skaters also are part of cardiovascular routines and dance classes. Thus there is no doubt that a nutritious diet is very essential for a skater’s success.

Training with the food


Reports from 2001 and 2004 have revealed that skaters are deprived of nutrition as they tend to eat less or lower their calorie intake as they don’t want to put on weight. This will also lead to having a lower metabolism rate and weak immunity to illness and other injuries. You could ensure consuming nutritious food that enhances training and performance. And as in all cases, hydration is very important. You must intake at least 8 glasses of water a day or any other sports drinks that are sugar-free.

Breakfast and a snack

It is important to start your day with a simple yet nutritious breakfast. Including fiber and calcium in your diet is very crucial for a figure skater. This will give you a great kick start for your practice. Also cereals with a high quantity of fiber with nonfat milk and fruits also a great option. You could try orange or apples. Fresh fruit juice will add more vitamins to your body.

While in the mid-morning you can go for a fruit snack or yogurt to keep your energy levels up and keep you powered till lunch.

Lunch and a snack

Lunch may include vegetable soup with beans, turkey sandwiches and vegetables like tomato, lettuce. Including a pickle in your diet will boot up too. The daily recommended five vegetables serving will provide the necessary proteins. You can substitute mayonnaise with mustard and add carrots and low-sugar oatmeal biscuits to complete the lunch box with more complex carbohydrates.
If you have training in the evening you will need more calcium and another fruit snack between your lunch and dinner. To fuel up your afternoons you could also have grapes r string cheese with some wholesome crackers.

Dinner and another snack

After the entire day at training, it is mandatory to have lean meat having plenty of pf protein and reduces saturated fats. You can include skinless chicken breast or ground turkey, a baked potato. Adding some spinach and keeping the skin of the potato will provide you with some iron.

The evening snack is not a luxury for a figure skater but rather a necessity in their diet. Having peanut butter will provide healthy fats and a glass of milk will provide a good night’s sleep and help you have a great start for the next day’s training.